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A Life Renewed

Given that I lost my two previous blog posts regarding my life since dropping out, this will feel a bit out of sync to read if you’re reading these chronologically (or through “The Chronology” tag, which tells the whole story). I hope that isn’t much of an inconvenience.

Today, I start (well, at this point “have started”) college classes after my 3+ year long battle with dropping out (of multiple schools) and depression. I made it. I’m finally in college and I’m achieving my dreams in computer science.

Last year around late June–early May, I got my GED. With “College Ready” in all tests besides math, I knew I was on my way. After a struggle with religion and figuring out colleges and majors and where I wanted my life to go, I finally settled down with computer science.

A bunch of thanks are in order:

  • God and Christ, for giving me the strength and direction that my life had lost for so long.
  • My mom, for putting up with all my nonsense and encouraging me through it all.
  • My grandmother, even though I never got the time to establish a connection, you always had faith in me, no matter what. You were like the human embodiment of God in His covenants.
  • My girlfriend, Amira, for giving me a reason.
  • My brothers and best friends Chris and Jacob, you guys have been by my side through this since day one, and you’ve seen the highs and the lows. Lord knows where I would’ve ended up without your guys’ support.

And finally:

  • Financial aid, because paying for school out of pocket is near impossible.

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